Beer Pong House Rules

House rules are special sets of rules made by the person living in the house where the beer pong game is being played. If you are playing at a bar, the bar will probably have house rules. If you're playing outside (tailgate), whoever owns the table usually sets the house rules. Now that you know what house rules are, here is a list of common ones:

2 Balls made in One Cup

If a team sinks both beer pong balls in the same cup, they win and the game is over. If this rule is in place, obviously it is important for the opposing team to remove the beer cup immediately after it is made in order to avoid leaving a target on the table for the second player to make. 


Fingering and Blowing

If a pong ball is made in a cup but is spinning around the rim and hasn't fallen into the beer yet, guys are allowed to try to pull the ball out with their finger. Girls are allowed to blow at the ball to push it out of the cup. If the ball is removed from the cup before it lands in the beer, it counts as a miss. If the cup is knocked over in the attempt to remove the beer pong ball, the cup must be removed.



This is when, instead of shooting a regular shot, a player throws the beer pong ball with the intention of knocking over a cup. If beaming is allowed by house rules, the cup that is knocked over must be removed from the table. If beaming is not allowed, the cup is refilled and the shot is counted as a miss.


Calling Cups

If a player points to the cup they intend to make and then actually make it, 2 cups are removed from the table. However, if they make any other cup besides the one they called, it counts as a missed shot and made beer cup remains on the table.


Roll Backs

If a player shoots, misses, and the ball rolls back to them on the table without touching the floor, they can reshoot. Usually this reshot needs to either be done behind the back or using the left hand; this depends on the house rules in place.



This is a more extreme beer pong house rule. If a team is shut out, meaning all 10 of their cups have been removed but they haven't made any of their opponents beer cups, they must streak by running around the block naked. 


Variations to Official Rules

Some house rules also make variations on the official beer pong rules. For example, bouncing might only remove 1 cup instead of 2, or maybe each team can request 2 reracks per game instead of 1.



Content by John Accardi