Beer Pong ReRacks

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Everything from 3-cup beer pong reracks to 8-cup reracks, this is quite a comprehensive list. With pictures and discriptions explaining the advantages of various reracks, this is a great resource for your beer pong strategy. It is important to know all of your rerack options during a beer pong game since a rerack can often change the momentum of the game. It's critical to pick the right one! This is the most complete list of beer pong reracks on the web. Also note that all of these rerack pictures are from the perspective of standing on the opposite side of the table and aiming to make these cups. Contact us and let us know if we missed any!

3 Cup ReRacks        
4 Cup ReRacks         
5 Cup ReRacks
6 Cup ReRacks
7 Cup ReRacks
8 Cup ReRacks

3 Cup ReRacks

This is your basic 3 cup beer pong rerack. It is the most popular 3 cup rerack and arguably the most effective. It brings the cups to the closest proximity of each other and no matter which one you sink first, the other 2 will still be touching.
triangle beer pong rerack

Traffic Light
This is a classic 3 cup beer pong rerack. Beer pong players find this one helpful because it puts all the cups in a straight line. This makes it easier for players with good horizontal aim to sink a few cups in a row. It's not uncommon to see an experienced team use this rerack to sink 2 cups back to back and get the pong balls back to win the game. Definitely a very strong rerack choice!
traffic light beer pong rerack

Play Button
The play button is becoming more and more popular. You can think of it as hybrid between the straight line and the triangle. It offers the 2 straight cups while giving you the aspects of the triangle pong rack.
play button beer pong rerack

Thin Red Line
I know, I know, this rack doesn't look like it would be helpful. However, some beer pong players like it so that they can accurately call out cups if cup-calling house rules are being played. See our beer pong house rules for more on this. This is also a very helpful beer pong rerack if you happen to have very good distance judgement but not very good horizontal aim. This way your shot could be a little off to the left or the right and if your distance is good, most likely you will still sink a cup!
thin red line beer pong rerack


4 Cup ReRacks

This is a very popular 4 cup rerack. Pong players prefer to use this rerack because it brings the 4 cups as close together as possible, giving you a large area to aim for on the table. With this rerack you also gain a similar advantage seen in the 3 cup triangle rerack and that is, no matter which cups are sunk, the remaining cups will still be touching. Touching cups are a much larger and easier target than satelite cups so any rerack that can offer this advantage is huge. You can also shoot at angles to aim for cups aligned in straight lines. See our beer pong tips section for more on this.
diamond beer pong rerack

The 2-1-1
This beer pong rerack is officially known as the 2-1-1 but it is often times referred to as a certain male body part. We'll let you take a guess at what that might be. Beer pong players like this 4 cup rerack because it adds a straight line element while providing a wider area in the back for cups that are further away and more difficult to aim for.
211 beer pong rerack

This rerack is essentially 2 straight lines while also bringing the cups together in a nice area to shoot for. It is a good all-around rerack that compliments both distance and width aiming. It also has the same advantage that the 4 cup diamond rerack has and that is: no matter which cup you sink first, the three remaining cups will still be touching. It is a huge bonus if a rerack can offer this advantage because touching cups are a much larger target than satelite cups.
square beer pong rerack


5 Cup ReRacks

Wizard Staff
Beer pong players love this 5 cup rerack because it offers a lot of depth. If you're taking a rerack with 5 cups left, you might be trying to make a comeback. The straight line element of this rack helps your team get in a rhythm and sink consecutive cups! Also, like the 2-1-1 4 cup rerack, this rerack offers a wider target in the back. Since the back of the rerack is the furthest away from you and, therefore, the hardest to sink, it is a huge advantage to have a larger target in that region.
wizard staff beer pong rerack

Reverse House
More experienced beer pong players love using the reverse-house rerack. It offers 2 straight lines that are closer to you since the back cup is taking up space at the end of the table. As mentioned, experienced players like this beer pong rerack because they will aim to shoot out the straight lines and have the confidence to sink that back cup!
reverse house beer pong rerack

This 5 cup pong rerack is great for beginner and advanced beer pong players alike. For beginners, it provides a nice wide area to shoot for. If a player has really good distance judgement but not the best horizontal aim, this rerack would be a perfect choice. And for advanced players, it allows them to stand at angles and shoot for straight lines. See more about shooting at angles here.
trapezoid beer pong rerack

Thumbs Down
This beer pong rerack is an excellent choice for your 5 cup rerack. Pong players choose this one so often because it offers two straight lines side-by-side. This gives you both width and depth in your target area. Straight lines offered in a rerack are sometimes helpful for going on streaks. Players often get in rhythms and sink several cups in a row when they are able to aim at a stright line since they don't need to alter their horizontal aim and can essentially shoot the same shot over and over. 
thumbs down beer pong rerack

Side Trapezoid
This is becoming more popular and may be the most used 5 cup rerack today. The side trapezoid is such an excellent pong rerack option because it brings the cups as close together as possible while maintaining straight line properties. You can easily sink a few in a row with this rerack! Bringing the cups as close together as possible is so important because there is less dead space in between the cups. Dead space is the area between the rims of the cups where a pong ball can bounce off of, causing a miss. As far as 5 cup reracks go, this one has the least dead space possible. 
side trapezoid beer pong rerack

The idea behind the house rerack is that a pong player will have 2 straight lines to aim for and the outlier cup that is not a part of those straight lines will be closest to them and easier to make. This is a bit safer than the "reverse house" rerack because you put the easier cups in the back and the harder cup in the front.
house beer pong rerack


6 Cup ReRacks

This is such a common rerack because pong players are so familiar with it. You start the game in a pyramid of 10 so why not bring it in for a pyramid of 6? It effectively brings the cups into their closest proximity while making the back region the widest. This is nice because the cups in the back are also the hardest to aim for!
pyramid beer pong rerack

The Zipper rerack is very similar to the "side trapezoid" 5 cup rerack. It effectively puts the cups as close to each other as possible while maintining 2 straight lines. This is an excellent rerack choice for any beer pong player because it offers great depth and a cushion of width in the area you're aiming for.
zipper beer pong rerack


7 Cup ReRacks

If you're reracking with 7 cups left your are probably trying to make a comeback. Your opponent is winning by a lot and you need to make a change to spark some life into your team! The honeycomb beer pong rerack is perfect because it will bring all the pong cups together in an organized way and make it that much easier to start sinking them and get your team back in the game!
honeycomb beer pong rerack


8 Cup ReRacks

If you're taking a rerack with 8 cups left you are definitely trying to make a desperate comeback. Your opponent is winning by a lot and your team has to do something quick! Taking the marching rerack is a great choice because it puts the cups in 2 straight lines. Straight lines are generally easy to get into a rhythm with. If your left-to-right aiming is on, the straight lines offer a distance buffer and your team may be able to sink a few in a row! An 8 cup rerack like this can also be useful even if you are not losing and trying to make a comeback. Brining the cups in this straight line marching rerack will give you a boost and may be a good strategy to pull off early in the game to try to gain a big lead and demoralize your opponent. 
marching beer pong rerack

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our beer pong tables for sale so that you can have an official-size beer pong table to play and try out these awesome reracks! We are in the process of adding more beer pong reracks to this page. If you have any other favorite beer pong reracks that you don't see on the page, please email us and let us know and we will add them!

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content by John Accardi