Beer Pong Strategy

If you're a casual player, you can get away with aiming, shooting and hoping for the best. But if you want to increase your win percentage you might want to take a look at some of these more advanced team strategies.

1. Play with the same Teammate

Every time you go out to a party, tailgate, or other event try to have the same buddy with you. Playing beer pong with the same teammate is a huge advantage. You will know each other's strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and be able to implement the advanced startegies described below. Plus it's more fun to have the same killer team that always dominates the party!

2. Shoot for the same cup at the same time

This is a classic strategy that is used by the more skilled beer pong players. The idea is that you can both sink the same cup and therefore, will automatically win the game. Check out the beer pong house rules section for more on sinking 2 balls in the same cup to win the game. Sinking 2 balls is normally very hard to do because when the first player sinks a cup, the other team will quickly remove the cup to prevent the second player from sinking that same cup. So, the beauty of both shooting for the same cup at the same time, is that the other team will not have time to remove the cup.

3. One shoots and one Bounces

Bouncing is great because when you make a cup by a bounce, 2 cups are removed. We have some basic bouncing tips which can be found here, but this one is a bit more advanced and requires team work. The idea is that since a bounce can be blocked, it helps to use distraction when bouncing in the hopes the other team will not be aware enough to block the shot. To create this distraction, the first player shoots the ball and immediately after that shot, while the ball is still in the air, the second player bounces. Good luck!

4. Re-Rack Late

This means that you should use your re-rack late in the game when you don't have many more cups to go. Sometimes this is not an option because the other team is about to win and you have to use your re-rack before it's too late. But, assuming you are not in a desparate situation, use your re-rack late. The reason for this is that in the beginning of a beer pong game, there are many cups to aim for. Towards the end of the game, it bcomes increasingly more difficult to make cups because there are less of them and they are more spaced out. This is when a rerack really helps! Check out our reracks and take a close look at the 3 and 4 cup re-racks to get ideas for late-game re-racks.

5. Don't Beam Cups

As mentioned in the house rules section, beaming is sometimes allowed depending on house rules. Beaming is when instead of shooting to make a beer pong cup, you throw the ball at the cup in the hopes of knocking it over. If beaming is allowed, knocking over the cup would count as a made cup and it is removed from play. If this is allowed, don't do it! For 2 reasons, the first is the percentage of nailing a cup hard enough to knock it over is usually much lower than the chance of making the pong cup with a standard shot. The second reason is that it makes a big mess and no one wants beer all over the floor or all over their shoes!

6. Don't drink if you're a light weight

There is no rule that says that each teammate has to drink the same number of cups. If one teammate can drink more and still aim well, they should be the one to drink the majority of the cups. It makes no sense to have a light weight try to keep up with a heavy drinker. Especially if your team plans on winning several games and staying on the table. Distributing the drinking in a strategic way can help both members of the team stay accurate and stay on the beer pong table longer.


content by John Accardi