Beer Pong Tips

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There is more to beer pong than just aiming and shooting. Check out these tips and tricks to improve your game!

1. Take Good Angles
There is no rule saying you need to stand directly behind the table. The only rule that exists regarding where you stand is the one that says your elbow cannot cross the plane of the beer pong table when you shoot. As long as your elbow remains behind the plane of the beer pong table on your shot, you can stand a little off to the right or to the left. This can be very helpful when you use it to shoot at angles. It makes sense and helps your pong shot percentage when you try to shoot at cups aligned in a straight line!

2. Use That Water Cup
Yes, the water cup is there to keep the pong balls clean but it serves another (and possibly much more important) help your pong shot percentage! If you dunk the ball in the water cup immediately before every shot, you'll notice that the ball is a little bit heavier because it holds a thin film of water around the surface. This extra weight on the pong ball will help your shot stay straight and sink into a cup. This tip is especially important if you are playing where there might be some wind.

3. Bend Your Knees
I know, this sounds like something your old basketball coach would tell you. It really helps though! Just like you're at the free throw line in a basketball game, bounce up and down by bending your knees and get in a rhythm before you let your shot go. A beer pong shot shouldn't be only in the arm, the whole body goes into it.

4. Bounce Early but Not Often
The bounce shot is great in beer pong because if it lands, 2 cups are removed from your oppenent's rack. This obviously helps you get closer to winning the pong game. The bounce is executed by tossing the ball down at the beer pong table, bouncing it once off the table and into a cup. Aiming is much more difficult when bouncing compared to regular shooting. So, it is important to bounce early in the game when there are many cups still on the table. This will give you a large target with many cups together in a group. The chances of sinking a cup will be much greater than it will be later in the game when there are only a few pong cups remaining. I mention not to bounce often because your opponents will begin looking for it after a few attempts and they will be ready to block the bounces. You can really only get away with it a few times, before your opponents are ready for it, so make it count! 
beer pong shot styles

5. Bounce Fast and Discretely
Remember, when you bounce, your oppenent is allowed to attempt to block the bounce. Therefore, it is crucial for you to bounce fast and usually this means to keep the ball low. You don't want to bounce the ball high because it will be very easy to block. If you keep the bounce low and fast, your opponent will have more trouble blocking it and will also have a great risk of knocking their own cups over since they are forced to get their hand low when making the block attempt. You also want to be secretive about your bounces. Don't telegraph the bounce! Act as if you are going to take a normal shot or wait until your oppenents look away from the table and then quickly throw a bounce shot. This will give you a better chance of getting past the block.

6. Put Top Spin on the Ball
This tactic is a bit more advanced but it is very useful. If you watch a really good beer pong player, someone who has been running the table all night you will notice that they look a little funny when they release the ball. This weird twirling motion that their hand is making is actually putting a top spin on the ball. This is done by holding the ball with your index finger, middle finger, and thumb. The thumb should be facing you and as you release the ball, your thumb pushes out and your fungers curl in. It is difficult to exaplin in writing and we hope to make a video about this technique. The final result is that the ball has a top spin on it and curves down into the cups with a better angle. It sounds ridiculous, but it actually works!

7. Stand with your Shooting Foot Forward
What I mean by this is, if you shoot with your right hand then your right foot should be forward and vice versa. This helps with your overall alignment and balance but it is also very helpful in allowing you to effectively lean into the shot a bit while maintaining equilibrium and focus. It is not for everyone so play around with your stance. You may want to stand completely square with both feet even but generally shot percentage is best with the shooting foot forward.

8. Stare at the back of the cup you are aiming for
This is a basketball-like tip. When I played ball as a kid, coaches would always tell me to aim for the back of the rim. This is great advice, it really works! You can use it in beer pong too. So many people take their beer pong shot by simply shooting in the general direction of the cups. You should always aim for a specific cup and the longer you stare at the back of it, I swear the easier it is to make. You could almost imagine the cup getting bigger and bigger and then sink it!

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content by John Accardi