How to Play Beer Pong

Beer pong is a really simple game to learn. To get started you'll need a few pieces of equipment, some friends, and an understanding of how the game is played. Everything you need to know is right here!

What Equipment Do I Need?


Beer Pong Table

Any flat surface will qualify, such as a kitchen table. Also, many people create their own beer pong tables. Buying a table can be useful as well because professionally manufactured tables are light, portable, and are of regulation, tournament dimensions.


Beer Pong Balls

Usually sold in a pack of 6, beer pong balls are essentially ping pong balls. They are easily lost and crushed so it's a good idea to always have a few extra.


Plastic Cups

Red solo cups are the popular beer pong cup of choice. The official size for a beer pong cup is 16oz so any cup of this size will do. You will need 11 cups for each team (22 total). 10 will make up the beer pong rack and be filled with beer, while 1 will be used as a water cup to rinse off the ball.



Yes, you need to fill the cups with beer to be officially playing beer pong. If you fill the cups with water, you would be playing something called water pong.


3 Friends

Official beer pong is played with 2 teams of 2. And that's it, once you have everything together, you're ready to go! Next learn how to actually play the game.


How to Play


Table Setup

This image shows a view of the beer pong table setup from above. The official table dimensions are 8ft long x 2ft wide x 27in tall. The picture shows cups to be filled with beer in red and cups to be filled with water in blue. Each team of 2 will stand at opposite ends of the table. Two beer pong balls are used throughout the game. Each cup is filled 1/3 the way with beer and the water cups are filled to the top with water.

beer pong table setup


Who Shoots First?

To determine which team shoots first and eye-to-eye shot is taken. This is where one member of each team takes a ball, looks at each other in the eye and on the count of 3, shoots with the intention of making a cup while maintaining eye contact throughout the entire act of shooting. If both miss or both make their shot, the other 2 players repeat the eye-to-eye shot. The first team to sink the eye-to-eye as the other team misses, will shoot first in the beer pong game. 


Shooting for Beer Cups

The team that won the eye-to-eye takes both balls and each member of the team shoots one. The goal is to make the ball in the beer cups of the other team. When a ball is sunk in one of the opposing team's beer cups, they must remove the cup from the table and drink the beer it contains. The team that removes all of their opponents beer cups from the table is the winner. 


Other Rules

There are several rules that are used in certain situations of a beer pong game. The basics of the game are described above but see here for the specifics of every rules for every situation of beer pong.



Content by John Accardi