Official Beer Pong Rules

This is a comprehensive list of official beer pong rules. There are many situations in beer pong that call for a specific rule and this will cover them all. 

Eye-to-eye Shot

If both teams make or miss the eye-to-eye shot, the shot is repeated by the other 2 players. Once a team makes the eye-to-eye while the other team misses, they are granted the first shot in the beer pong game. No beer cups are removed for a made eye-to-eye and if a player looks down at the cups, a made shot doesn't count. 



During a team's turn, each player shoots one ball. When the arm is extended, the elbow is not to cross the plane of the table. A made shot removes 1 cup and a missed shot removes zero cups. After each player of a team shoots, the other team takes their turn. 



A beer pong ball can be bounced instead of shot at any point in the game. The ball must bounce off the table before landing in a cup. A made bounce removes 2 beer cups and a missed bounce removes zero cups. A bounce can be blocked by the opposing team.


Knocking Cups Over

If a player knocks over their own cups, for whatever reason, they must be removed from the table. This frequently happens in an attempt to block a bounced shot. 



When both players on a team make their shots in a single turn, they get both pong balls back for another round of shots. Knocked over cups cannot count toward bring-backs, only made shots or bounces.



Each team is allowed one rerack throughout the game of beer pong. The team requesting the rerack must do so at the beginning of their turn, before either player shoots.



If the last cup is made by both players of a team in the same turn, the game is over. If the last cup is made by only one player, the opposing team has a chance for rebuttal. In a rebuttal attempt, each player shoots until they miss. If they can make every remaining cup, the pong game goes into overtime. 



Each team sets up 3 beer cups in a triangle rack. The team that made the last cup first (not the team that achieved rebuttal) shoots first. The overtime is played out with the same rules as the regular beer pong game.


content by John Accardi